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John Kimber


I bought these pillows for my wife who could never find a comfortable pillow for her. She's bought dozens of pillows over the years and each one has caused her headaches and neck pain. The first time she used this Swiss Comforts Loft pillow she was skeptical, but after a few nights she started to like it. No more headaches and neck pain. So far, this is the best pillow she has had in 30 years. I will probably get rid of all the pillows in my house and replace them with Swiss Comforts pillows. I highly recommend this product.


Amelia E. Herrington


When I received my new silver memory foam pillow and unwrapped it I have to say it is awesome. It looked simple and elegant and I tried it on immediately. When I slept on it I can feel that my whole body, especially my neck, has relaxed. My head was held gently, which really helped relieve the pressure on my neck. I felt great when my face touched it as the pillowcase is made from silver craft, but the surface temperature is perfect. It met all my expectations and I am extremely satisfied with my new Swiss Comforts pillow.

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Melissa D. Vernon


I've always wanted a nice down duvet and this one from Swiss Comforts is a winner. My husband has never liked these types of comforters before because they are normally too heavy and way too warm. He's been on our bed for a few nights now and he told me this morning that he loves him very much! Yay! I can keep it lol. I will say when I first unpacked it I was a little worried because it was flat because it was sealed and looked soft. But when I put him on the bed, he blew it up.

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