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It all started over 80 years ago in the heart of Zurich Swiss in 1940. Swiss Comforts stands for Comfort and quality, technology and innovation and class design, and has done it for more than 80 years.Today Swiss Comforts is a global company with all the fine home assortment with Comforters, Pillows, Duvet, Feather collection,Matress toppers and all bedding accessories. 

The Swiss Comforts brand comes from genuine Swiss roots. With a true commitment to embrace innovation, uphold Swiss principles of design, and tirelessly enforce the highest standards of quality, we deliver highly functional, practical products with real value.


With over 25 tests performed during development and again with every production lot, we measure and analyze every component to determine its performance under intentionally severe conditions.


Great product quality comes from the underlying belief that products not only need to be well designed to withstand the rigours of daily life, but they also need to be made with the same integrity to ensure that they perform effortlessly throughout their life.

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Our process starts with the yarn crimping and carefully separating, then the hand-crafting procedure of sowing the items with the rest of the fiber fill from the spool on a scale to have with the right balance to deliver to you.


 Swiss Comforts is the only manufacture to have an environment-friendly installation and all our items are exclusively hypoallergenic.

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