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We recognize Swiss Comforts products by their impeccable quality and their meticulous finishes. The designs of our stylists come to life in the most beautiful materials. We work with cotton in its purest form to design exceptional adornments. Percale, linen and satin are our fields of expression.

 We imagine, design and produce a linen that looks like you to bring comfort, warmth and happiness into your home. Swiss Comforts produces quality, creative and modern household linen for the attention of each member of the family. Revealing inspiration, we develop, over the seasons, unique products to compose the decoration of your home.

Our duvets and pillows meet the most stringent requirements in terms of quality of materials and finishes. Our plain or fancy bed linen allows you to rethink the bedroom for adults and children. We meet the most demanding requirements in terms of quality of materials and finishes.


For more than 90 years now, we have been creating and sharing strong emotions with our customers. From the conception to the sale of our products, we want to write a strong story with all the members of the family.

Our adventure is defined in five words

Our values






The Winter Sale

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