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Regardless of your style and how you sleep, our team of in-house designers and experts are dedicated to creating products you'll love using durable, premium materials you can be proud of.

From day one, accessibility has been at the top of our concerns.


By working closely with our manufacturers, we are able to offer the best, most reliable materials at prices that will get you a good night's sleep..

Every item that has the Swiss Comfort seal and packaging meets this high quality production before bearing the Swiss Comfort Seal of Approval is the only one to offer its customers a 5 year guarantee of comfortable sleep.

All of our collections are designed by our team, we use the best sources of manufacturing. We pay particular attention to product quality, respect for the environment and the health of our customers. We pay particular attention to the quality of the products


At the origin of each creation for which we undertake, there is the passion of the artistic gesture and the creation of exclusive collections. Every day, our stylists imagine new models, invent new uses and arouse new desires for the whole house. For us, household linen is a blank sheet, on which we express ourselves freely, according to our inspirations: Swiss comfort, like the canvas of a painting ...

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15% off on order over 100$

20% off on order over 200$

It's all about Pillows

I bought these pillows for my wife who could never find a comfortable pillow for her.


It's all about sleeping 

I've always wanted a nice down duvet and this one from Swiss Comforts is a winner.

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